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Week 16 (Or Half Marathon Completed!)

I love race week! The schedule spoils me with easy runs and an extra rest day. (Queue my social life!) My running scapegoat this week was my first half marathon of training. Just last week the Nike+ app had me log 14 miles for my long run, but this was the exact, give-it-all you got, […]

Week 15 (or how I almost died)

I did it. I missed my first run in 15 weeks. The first in 100 days! THE FIRST!!!!¬†I know what you’re thinking –¬†Christmas eve or Christmas day, right? Not even! Here’s the story: It was Tuesday like any other… At 4:00pm I left my desk and went into the restroom as “work Kim” and left […]

Week 14

Week 14 has come and gone! This week held 3 memorable moments for me. 1) Wednesdays were officially deemed “Treadmill Wednesdays.” I prefer to brave the cold than to run on a treadmill. However, with the announcement that the Spartan Ultra Beast will be held in Tahoe, I really had to reconsider how flat Chicagoland […]

Week 13

Week 13 is here! This week makes me nervous for a few reasons. #1 – I’m sick. I spent my entire rest day yesterday in bed and still had to call off of work today. If I don’t feel better by this evening, this will be the first run I’ve missed in 13 weeks. FIRST […]

Week 12

Hello All! I want to get in the habit of sharing my running schedule with you, so here you are. You are joining my journey 12 weeks in. A little to catch you up: it’s been hard. Two of my biggest challenges are, one, I’m not much of a runner, and two, I’m definitely not […]