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Adidas Energy Boost 2 ESM Review

The Quick Read The Good: Everything! Lightweight, energy return, durable. The Not-So-Good: …….um….limited color selection? Recommendation: Get it! (Readers, if you rather watch this review, you can here on our YouTube Channel) * * * Love can be based on many things. When I say I love¬†Adidas Energy Boost 2 ESM shoes¬†it is based on: […]

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp Review

The Quick Read The Good: Bright, dims, strobe mode, red blinking back light, built in rechargeable battery, comfortable, tilts, waterproof. The Not-So-Good: Requires a special charging station, no front red light options. Recommendation: Get it! (Reader, look for a demonstration of this review on our YouTube channel.) I was hit by a car! For the […]

Osprey Rev 1.5 L Hydration Pack Review

The Quick Read The Good: Lightweight, compact, minimalist, easy to fill, storage pockets, magnetic bite valve, phone holder. The Not-So-Good: Minimal storage space. Recommendation: Get it! (Readers, if you want to see a live demonstration of me wearing this pack and highlighting its features, watch it here on our YouTube Channel.) The Spartan Ultra Beast […]

1 Voice Ear Warmers With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Quick Read The Good: Soft material, easy pairing to devices, nice sound. The Not-so-good: Fit is too loose, controls are difficult to navigate on the run (pun intended), not enough cushioning between ears and the plastic housing for the speakers. Recommendation: Skip it. (Reader, would you prefer to watch this review for a live […]