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I’m Injured! (OMgosh…I need a hug)

I text: “Can you come by?” Ten seconds later, my phone rings. A kind voice full of concern fills my ears. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I laughed, though I quickly re-read my text to see if what I thought was a casual, normal request came off dripping with desperation. No signs to the latter as far […]

5 Tips to Ensure You Run While Traveling

Travel. It’s easy to leave your scheduled runs behind when you’re enjoying a break from your every day. Here are five tips to ensure you enjoy your trip without sacrificing your runs. 1) Schedule (or reschedule) your runs the days leading up to your departure. – You’re in danger of skipping a run even prior to your trip. Perhaps […]

Running Out of Excuses

Fourteen weeks ago I made the zealous decision to compete in the Spartan Ultra Beast in 2015. This 26+ mile obstacle course race in the mountains takes an average of 11 – 13 hours to complete. Step 1: Train for a marathon in order to get used to being on my feet for 26.2 miles. […]