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I’m Injured! (OMgosh…I need a hug)

I text: “Can you come by?” Ten seconds later, my phone rings. A kind voice full of concern fills my ears. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I laughed, though I quickly re-read my text to see if what I thought was a casual, normal request came off dripping with desperation. No signs to the latter as far […]

Let’s Talk Weight…Eh, Nutrition

I have always been thin. Always. At times, I’ve been too thin by healthy standards. Never on purpose, I simply don’t eat much. And there are times when life gets so busy that at the end of the day it’s either eat or sleep and I’m asleep before I can give a second thought to […]

Week 16 (Or Half Marathon Completed!)

I love race week! The schedule spoils me with easy runs and an extra rest day. (Queue my social life!) My running scapegoat this week was my first half marathon of training. Just last week the Nike+ app had me log 14 miles for my long run, but this was the exact, give-it-all you got, […]

Race Recap: A Snowy Half Marathon – January 4, 2015

Snow. Ice. Wind. The weather means business this morning. That’s okay. So do I. 13.1, here I come. That was my post on FB this morning when I left for my half marathon. For the most part, I felt confident going into the run despite the weather. To my benefit, I’ve been running outside over […]

2015 Races & Goals

Hello, All! Here’s my journey ahead. I’m down 4 months of my 13 month training to compete in the Spartan Ultra Beast. Here’s a list of my upcoming races to help get me there. (Readers, to view the making of these goals, see my Motivational Wall on YouTube, with a second video for my 2015 Races & […]