Let’s Talk Weight…Eh, Nutrition

I have always been thin.



2013-07-09 20.37.38

At times, I’ve been too thin by healthy standards. Never on purpose, I simply don’t eat much. And there are times when life gets so busy that at the end of the day it’s either eat or sleep and I’m asleep before I can give a second thought to my stomach. A few days of this and pounds are non-existent.

It took me two years to go from 98 pounds to 115. The higher number being my preferred weight. I’m 5″5 and according to the BMI chart, I should be at least 112 to be considered a normal, healthy weight.

IMG_65837854834191(Me at 115 lbs. In the top two photos I weight between 110 – 112)

When I started my training for the Spartan Ultra Beast, I promised myself that if I dropped below 110, I would pause and evaluate my nutrition. Well, you guessed it. I stepped on the scale this morning to 108lbs. This evening, 110.2, but we all know that’s just temporary weight and those two pounds will be gone by morning. A morning that I’m scheduled to run 16 miles.


Scale aside, I feel my health declining. I’m burning off the calories I do take in at a quicker rate than I’m replacing them and it’s leaving me feeling tired. My nails are breaking. I’m getting headaches. I’m hungry all of the time. Even my easy runs are becoming hard. I’ve had three friends comment that I’m looking “ill.” And…I no longer own a bra that fits. 😦

So, I decided to skip tonight’s 5 mile run. I need to spend the night eating. Not literally the whole night. But I’m already behind on calories and I don’t want the added pressure of replacing the calories I would have burned off running plus adding new ones to prepare for tomorrow’s 16 miles.

Tonight’s game plan: I called my mommy and asked her to join me at our favorite restaurant for steak. (and salad, and potatoes, and a high calorie drink!)

Future game plan: I’m not sure. I think I need to take in about 3,500 calories daily. 2,000 for normal, everyday activities. 1,000 to replace what I burn off from training. And 500 to start gaining my weight back. (Hopefully back to my bra and not somewhere less desirable!)

I have to figure out when and what to eat/drink for that many calories in healthy meals. I want to run out and eat a bunch of banana split sundaes, but not all calories are created equal!

I’ll let you know what I come up with. In the mean time, if you have any tips, please let me know!


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