Race Recap: A Snowy Half Marathon – January 4, 2015


Snow. Ice. Wind. The weather means business this morning. That’s okay. So do I. 13.1, here I come.

That was my post on FB this morning when I left for my half marathon. For the most part, I felt confident going into the run despite the weather. To my benefit, I’ve been running outside over the last four months as the temperature dropped, so I’ve been adjusting along with it. The snow wasn’t a shock to my system.

With that said, it’s still snow.

The pluses were:

1) Great company. I ran along side two guys from the group for about 3 miles. They had to turn around, but I caught up with the next set of guys and hung with them for another 2 miles. After that, I was on my own.

2) Chicago does a great job of keeping the lake path snow free and salted. There were patches of snow here and there, but for the most part, the path was snow-less, albeit a bit wet.

The minuses:

1) I felt I could have gone faster. I’m pleased with my time of 2:05:34. (Below is my stated goals for this race as listed in 2015 Races and Goals) But at the end, I still had energy left that I wish I had spent on the run. I feel I could have achieved my semi-comfortable goal or even my hopeful goal of I had pushed a little harder.

Half-marathon (13.1)

Date: Sunday, January 4, 2015

Where: Chicago. Lake front, out & back.

Achievable Goal: 2:30

Semi-Comfortable Goal: 2:04:53

Hopeful Goal: 1:59

2) I didn’t mind the snow, but it did not stop! At all! Sometimes, it came down like little pebbles hitting me in the face. Not nice!

3) Wet. Wet hat. Wet gloves. Wet jacket. Wet pants. Wet shoes. Wet socks. Wet.

I have another race next weekend: The Chicago Polar Dash, 15 miles. I wouldn’t mind if that one is a bit on the drier side! ^.^

PS – if you want to see the snow in real time, check out my YouTube video I made after the race.


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