2015 Races & Goals

2015 Races & Goals

Hello, All! Here’s my journey ahead. I’m down 4 months of my 13 month training to compete in the Spartan Ultra Beast. Here’s a list of my upcoming races to help get me there.

(Readers, to view the making of these goals, see my Motivational Wall on YouTube, with a second video for my 2015 Races & Goals to learn how to make a visions board/motivational board of your own!)

Definition of Goals

My rule of thumb is to set three goals for each race. If I don’t make one, I have two left to aim for!

Achievable: No matter what happens – weather, untied shoes, hills, I’m just not in the mood, etc – I should still be able to achieve this goal!

Semi-Comfortable: If I’m having a mix of a good run and I push myself a bit beyond my norm, I should reach this goal. (And it’s the time the McMillan Running Calculator told me I can do it.)

Hopeful: I want this time! Is it realistic? Ummm…maybe? I would have to tell myself I can stay in bed all day tomorrow as I maintain my fastest speed for as long as possible. Perfect weather, no hills, and shoes that stay tied would also help.Goal-1

Running Only Races

5K (3.1) – TBD

10K (6.2) -TBD

Half-marathon (13.1)

Date: Sunday, January 4, 2015

Who: Uptown Runners – This group is awesome. You can schedule your own runs & see if there are any takers. Since I couldn’t locate any convenient half-marathons on my scheduled date, I posted here & have two people scheduled to join me.

Where: Chicago. Lake front, out & back. Starting at Recreational Beach.

Achievable Goal: 2:30

Semi-Comfortable Goal: 2:04:53

Hopeful Goal: 1:59

15 Mile Run

Date: Sunday, January 10, 2015Polar Dash

Who: Chicago Polar Dash – USATF certified. Great gear, awesome medals, a run down the lake front, cold-weather bragging rights, and benefits Shriners Hospital.

Where: Chicago. Grant Park, south down the lake shore of Lake Michigan and back.

Achievable Goal: 2:45

Semi-Comfortable Goal: 2:30

Hopeful Goal: 2:15

Full-Marathon (26.2)

Date: Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who: Marathon of the Treasure Coast – USATF certified, but, more importantly, my first marathon ever! I have to keep telling myself that this is a pit stop, not the destination. It’s onto the Spartan Ultra Beast from here! But, it’s in FL, surrounded by the ocean, and looks just lovely! Plus, the organizers are pleasantly responsive on their Facebook page & look at this beautiful medal! I can’t wait to own it!

Where: Jensen Beach, FL. Treasure Coast

Achievable Goal: 5:00

Semi-Comfortable Goal: 4:22:49

Hopeful Goal: 4:15


The Spartan Races!

(What these races are really all about!)


Spartan Sprint (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles)

Date: Saturday, May 23

Where: Miller Park One Brewers Way Milwaukee, WI

Goals: Unknown…Other than to finish. I don’t know how to measure the time it’ll take to run with the obstacles. We’ll learn as we go!Sprint 

Spartan Super (8+ miles, 20+ obstacles)

TBD, but am considering:

Boston on June 20

Pennsylvania on July 11.obstacle

Spartan Beast (12+ miles, 25+ obstacles)

TDB, but am considering:

Breckenridge on June 13

Hawaii on August 15

Vermont on September 19Beast Fire Jump

Spartan Ultra Beast (26+ miles, 50+ obstacles)

Date: Sunday, October 4

Where: Lake Tahoe, CA

Goals: Unknown…Other than to finish. It’s said to take between 11 – 13 hours. This is what I’ve been building up to!ultra(Readers, to view the making of these goals, see my Motivational Wall on YouTube, with a second video for my 2015 Races & Goals to learn how to make a visions board/motivational board of your own!)

Question: What are your racing/training goals for 2015?


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